I’m a thirty-something father and husband living in Dublin, California. I’m also a visual designer and frontend developer for my own startup company and consulting firm. I roast my own coffee, make my own wines from Sonoma Valley grapes, help my wife home brew and enjoy consuming the fruit of my labors. I also enjoy running.

I let my fitness go when I started my own business and started a family. It was easy to stay focused on that and ignore the weight I was gaining. Jokingly, one late October day, my wife challenged me to get fit again and run a half marathon race in Livermore that following March. My training started the day after Thanksgiving and I haven’t stopped running since. My running shoes and gear are the first things I pack now regardless where we’re going. I run as many race events to constantly push myself in new ways, in new locations while meeting new people.

I don’t know where I’m going next. I’m sure I’ll get lost along the way. But an experience it will be.