March 17, 2015

Dublin Shamrock 5k

A family that runs together… drinks together! It was St. Patty’s Day after all and being O’Donnells that live in Dublin, it seemed fitting that we run our local Shamrock 5k race.

Jen and I ran this before but this year, both our kids were running with us. Miles (4) and Olivia (6) had never run further than a mile in past fun runs so we had no idea how it was going to go. I took my backpack with me loaded with band-aids, water, snacks and a change of clothes for each kid. They always love running the fun-runs at Dad’s events so this seemed like a good idea and something for them to do with me and Jen. They had two aid stations and easy course so I figured they could handle it.

I was impressed with Miles the most. He not only ran the entire distance with very little stops but he ran at a great pace too! He was passing adults that were in awe of his little legs moving past them. Running wasn’t enough to keep him entertained so he made a game that every construction sign with a yellow light, he high-fived each one as he ran by.

Olivia is our little swimmer and like her mother, running is not in her repertoire. She struggled keeping a steady pace and stopped often to catch her breath, rest her feet or drink some water. All things considered, I love how she stayed committed to keep up with the family and didn’t let anything deter her from sticking with the run.

The kids loved the water stations. The idea that people were handing out water was like Christmas to them. When they realized that we had to keep going they were like, “wait, what? how much further?” hehe…

After the race, the kids got a ribbon (adults get a big, fat nada) which they were not impressed with. Olivia even exclaimed:

I ran all that way for this?! Where’s my medal?!


I really wish they would do some sort of medal. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy but ribbons just for the kids is lame. For a St. Patty’s Day run, they could easily do a shamrock or pot of gold or SOMETHING! The registration fees are really cheap so tacking on a few more bucks to insure a medal at the end is a no-brainer. The cotton t-shirt could be better too. Last couple years, they were heavy, white tees with some awful designs. These too could be greatly improved.

Honestly. I wouldn’t recommend this race but being a local resident, I like supporting my city. I really wish they would make these improvements. It would elevate the event and attract more runners looking for an easy St. Patrick’s Day run before a day of drinking.

Grabbing a Guinness and hanging out for the St. Patty’s festivities after with games, rides and carnival foods is still a good day had.

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