Gold medal zinfandel

I entered my 2012 Zinfandel into the Alameda County Fair this year and won a gold medal. My first ever gold medal. I’ve won gold stars but never gold medals.

Here’s the coolest part: Shauna Rosenblum, winemaker of Rockwall Winery, daughter of Kent Rosenblum and founding winemaker of Rosenblum Winery… this is the family that created the wines that changed my mind about wine… that created the greatest zinfandels and petite sirah I ever tasted. The wines that inspired to explore wine country and start created wines myself… Shauna compared my zinfandel to her Stage Coach zinfandel that boasts a $35 – $50 price tag! Calling it “delicious” and “well crafted”

I am truly humbled.

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