August 15, 2015

Run The Town Oakland Half Marathon

This was my second year running The Town’s Half Marathon and it was on of my favorite events last year. It’s also part of the Golden State Half Series challenge which are arguably the best half marathon events in the Bay Area. They’re all top notch courses, great schwag, highly organized and professional events that draw a great crowd.


I hadn’t been in the best shape since the summer months were so busy. Jen had taken a new job at Wente Vineyards and with being down to one car, I ha been busy driving her to work and the kids to school. Needless to say, that didn’t leave me much time to train. The week prior to this race, our family had been on an epic road trip to Colorado so I had been in cramped car, driving across mountains and deserts. Honestly though, I was still looking forward to stretching my legs with a nice long run so this race came at a perfect time. I didn’t kid myself thinking I woul put any sort of a great time so my head was just about having fun and enjoying a great event.


Aside from being a little tired and cramped, I felt pretty good. I didn’t see any pace runners so I just lined up near the front but not too close to the crazy fast runners. Jen and the kids came to support me too which I always appreciate. The kids love to cheer me out of the gate so I try to stay close to the side to wave as I go out.

Running last year helped me better understand how I was feeling at each mile. The course itself runs through the city of Oakland and really highlight the great city of Oakland. Running through Chin Town, around Lake Merritt, through Old Town and up into the hills a bit. Lots of people cheering all along the course too which is great motivation when you’re feeling sluggish.

The entire race, I felt like I was running pretty consistent. It was more like a quicker training run than a race for me. At no point was I pushing too hard nor felt like I was dragging at all either. I was feeling great approaching the finish line and though I had a little more to kick it up a gar for a strong finish. I had no idea just how close another runner was behind me until I saw the pictures Jen had taken of me finishing. Glad I pushed it!

Official Standings

Overall: 203 / 1825
Official Time: 01:46:08
Pace: 8:06
Age Group Place (30-39): 67/313
Gender Place: 153/791


This is still one of my favorite races. The finisher’s medal was a unique bottle opener that paid homage to the famous Fox Theater signage. Lagunitas Brewing was pouring free beers in free mason jar glasses. Brita gave away free filtered water bottles too. The after party was filled with local vendors giving away free snacks, sandwiches and other goodies. It’s always fun hanging out with other runners and even better when there’s booze too!

You’ll see me there again next year for sure. Maybe then I’ll try to beat my past times.

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