March 1, 2015

San Jose Race to the Row 408k

I was stoked for this race because I absolutely LOVE the Represent Running races. They’re always great courses, super fun and some of the best race perks. The San Jose Race to the Row 408k was going to be no different.

Except my wife’s friend was having a baby shower in Colorado and I was going too.

Luckily, the Represent Running races offer a “remote running” option which lets you get all the same perks delivered to your door a few days after the race. All you have to do is run the distance wherever you may be. For me, that was Longmont Colorado.

I researched routes using a Google Maps Pedometer site. This is a great tool for plotting distance routes in new cities. The mornings in Colorado that weekend were cold. Like, really really cold. Before going out, I checked the weather app. It was 1°F.

Holy shit this is going to hurt

I had my cold-weather compression gear but every inch of skin that was exposed, hurt. The sliver of skin between my sock and pants— felt that. Nose? Dripping snot. Back of neck? Felt that too. Once I got going though, it was actually really enjoyable. Dealing with the altitude wasn’t that bad since I wasn’t going for speed anyhow. I ran at altitude in Vail, CO last year so had some experience with it. That was 9k feet. This was only 3k feet. If you’re not used to running at altitude, the initial hit of exhaustion comes quick but I get used to it pretty quickly. You just have to know that you’re not to going to run the same pace like at sea level. Aim to add ~3-4 minutes per mile more and try to just maintain that.

I have such a great time taking it the views that I ended up running way more than I needed to.

After the trip, my shirt, medal and bib were waiting for me. The shirt and medal are really great this year. Some of my favorites so far! I want to make sure I’m around next year to run this race but I love that I still get to participate remote and get all the same benefits.

Thanks RR!


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